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My Critic. Episode 15: The Heavy Lifting.

Poor Johnny, omg he died. *shock horror* No offence or anything but like this was probably the most boringest episode ever, but it was quite funny. For all you Johnny fans out there I have put on the top 5 be Johnny moments in history. Johnny was so exciting, now it's gonna be boring...or is it?

Johnny was so cute. He looks so frickin young for his age, like he's as old as Ryan. WTF?? Does Ryan Donowho have like a picture where it ages for him or something??? Never the less...HE DIED! I was this close to crying, it wasn't depressing as Anna leaving the OC.

Top Five Johnny Moments EVER

1) Last week’s lurve confession. (He sounded kinda desperate though)

2) Last week’s confrontation with Ryan. He was totally brave to do that AND he looked so cute in that checked shirt AND he is so funny when he's drunk, lol!

3) The inspirational hospital bed speech. Remember when he hurt his knee in the accident and was lying in hospital and told Marissa he was just gonna get back on his surfboard!?

4) Original minor-lurve confession. When Johnny was all delirious on painkillers and told Marissa he liked her. Uh, sorta obvious.

5) Johnny getting out of his shower, and he still magically has the hot surfie hairstyle! Whenever I get out of the shower I look like a fairy who was electrcuted by a toaster.

Can’t BELIEVE we’ll never see his surferdude smile again. He had such a cute one, that I wanted to be like his fat aunty that he always hated.

His death only made Marissa want 'more time'. Dude, boring! Marissa go back to alchol and OD'ing. She'll probably die and then you'll see Johnny's hand reaching out for her

Speaking of Sadie - it was so sad when Sadie gave Marissa the necklace Johnny asked her to make for Valentines Day (I want one!). Poor Johnny. How sweet to get Marissa that necklace. (Is it me or does Sadie remind anyone of Theresa??)

By the way, did anyone else get the impression that Matt might have a thing for Marissa? He was being all Mr Nice Guy with  her after Johnny’s death. Ew. Probably won't matter though.

And, ugh, the Surf Nazi is back (but he's totally hot, God, make Marissa go out with him! More excitment please!!!). What’s the story between him and Sadie? (Channel Ten made me think that Sadie was Johnny's ex, ew. Who hooks up with their cousins?)

But AT LAST Kaitlin  has hit the road with Turkey-boy. (Oh, okay okay ‘Justin’, if you insist.) NO! We need to keep Kaitlin in here, she is so exciting for a 14 year old. Justin is such a Seth wanna be. They all look the same now.

Best outfit: Summer’s spotty blue and white dress after Johnny funeral. Loving the big glasses

Best pash: Seth and Summer’s make up pash. Cute.

Funniest Moment: Summer’s discovery that she was wearing Kirsten’s g-string! Haha. And the card, that was cute.

Best Nastyass Moment: Everyone was probably crying rather than bitching, because of Johnny.

Did Anyone Else Notice: That totally weird moment for, like, a second right at the end when Summer and Seth were lying down and making out on the beach. That was hot and totally unexpected. Funny how you think that she is still wearing 'the underwear'

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