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My Critic. Episode 16: The Road Warrior

Just WHAT is going on?! Marissa and Ryan breaking up? Volchok stalking Marissa? Sandy’s integrity in question? Ryan playing strip poker with Johnny’s cousin? Dr Roberts and Julie canoodling at the golf course? Julie Cooper doing crossword puzzles? WTH?

Are we in some kind of parallel universe?! Orange County has gone all BIZARRO BORING County on us! Is it just me or is there some very potent crazy-dust in the Newport air? (LOL, maybe it's not so boring.)

I just don’t know WHAT to think of Sadie. Please comment because I am CONFUSED. Stip Poker? I thought Ryan had those mutant card couting abilities! On the other hand, Sadie seems kind and sincere and I don’t really WANT to dislike her. (LOL, go beat your uncle's car up!)

Interesting to see Taylor back and in top form. How funny was the scene at the Korean BBQ restaurant when she was speaking Korean with the waiter? She’s hilarious and that guys is cute, look like my REC teacher today.

Well at least the Summer and Seth seems to be going strong. We need ONE constant during these turbulent times! Lately most of their schemes have been very successful (getting Marissa back to Harbor, The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah etc.) – so they are totally due for a monumental failure sometime soon. Let’s hope it doesn’t involve Julie and Dr Roberts. It’s good to see those two happy for once. (Did anyone else see when Dr. Roberts was like carrying Julie??? I mean what the fuck?)

Best outfit: Summer’s black dress with the coloured flowers. Julie’s golf course outfit is runner-up. She is hilarious, they both are!

Best pash: Summer and Seth’s on the sofa at Summer’s house. They are so cute.

Funniest moment: Definitely Julie Cooper at the Korean restaurant doing a crossword puzzle while dressed in her Basic Instinct gear! Hahahaha! And Summer giving Julie and Kirsten the list and describing Julie without even knowing it. I also thought the part when Seth was talking about Dr. Robert's thing to Taylor. LOL

Best Nastyass moment: Every scene involving Johnny’s dad!!

Has Anyone Else Noticed: That Volchok is actually kinda good-looking, in a bad-ass sorta way?

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